Back to the heart of the matter

I returned to creating more art in recent times for personal sanity and satisfaction. However, with also trying to make it into a business, the personal fulfilment aspect was being lost.

Since my previous Journal entry, over three months ago, things have been changing, for the better, as I find my way to my real art.

Being in difficult financial straits has made me focus more on my web services business these past few months, as I work on generating a reliable income. But that’s not the main reason my art output, and Journal, have been on hold.

To make my art also a business, for each new piece I was having to do a LOT of additional work: filming and editing for YouTube promotion; creating several variations of ‘Pins’ for Pinterest promotion; creating a number of versions/sizes suitable for wall prints; uploading to the printing/fulfilment company’s site; setting each wall print version up as a Product here on my site; composing a caption to include, in different ways, on YouTube and Pinterest; setting out a schedule for online promotion over time, and more…and keeping on top of all these processes, for my different pieces.

This began to drain the joy out of it.

Also – because of both making art to be made available for sale, and having to feed the social media engine – I realised I was partly creating art to satisfy or impress other people.

I was also trying too hard to develop my technical skills (composition, perspective, anatomy and so on). I do intend to continue developing skills for my own purposes, but I want to improve in a more natural way, and create art for more personal reasons.

After my break, I’m now getting back to the heart of the matter, and creating art in the way I did as a child, teenager and into my 20s. I did enjoy any positive feedback from others, but the whole point (if there was any) was to simply draw! Create! Abandon myself into the process.

My art will now be much less about the finished piece.
The process of creating will be more of an end in itself.

Works currently in progress from before, which I’ll be finishing off while I take my new direction:

Follies and Farewells
Deadly Sins
The King's Daughter's Quarters
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