The Empress is powerful, but possible danger or difficulties from those who would seek to infiltrate the sanctum of her retreat, in the valley of the Twisting Twists, must be kept at bay. Her vigilant Sentinels, formed by Magik at the behest of the Warlock, Opwinodi himself, have no need for weapons. Their subtle yet … Read more

Change is Inevitable

While creating this one, I experimented a bit with digital brush settings, and dug out my old, small Wacom tablet (using the pen on that, while viewing the software, ‘Affinity Designer’ on my desktop – instead of just using a mouse, as I had been doing). With the better software, which I didn’t have in … Read more


I had started to create a series (called the ‘Seed Series’) of quick drawings… Partly to help with practice and partly to have something to post to Instagram. However, I decided soon after this to stop trying to grow a following on Instagram (and to close my account on Facebook too). Social media platforms/apps like … Read more


Drawn with pens and ink on A3 paper.Painted digitally by hand, with no use of photographs. Watch the process of creating this piece… Order a print

Simian Promise

I was into digitally painting my traditionally pen/pencil work…but after doing this piece I was thinking I’d be changing that process…but wasn’t sure… I had plans for the way I wanted to start approaching my pencil/pen works – which would make them more complete pieces without much, or sometimes any, need for digital painting. Meanwhile, … Read more

Best Friends Forever

You were always here with me. As vital as the blood and thoughts that sustain us. If there were a time where I was alone, it must have been a terrible dream. Of course, that can’t be true, and I shan’t believe it. Entwined and whole, our love is the only love. We are as … Read more

7th In Line

A sketch from the past, touched up a bit digitally while working out what direction to go in with my main style and methods. I thought that as my artworks business started to get underway, and as I began new pieces and started developing my skills, that I’d very likely be sticking mainly to graphite … Read more

Active Patience

“First there was the onslaught that the Mirror Beings brought, and the carnage, and destruction laid waste all. Then we watched as they built their walls and roads on the rubble of our past glories… Yet there is hope, as we wait. They know nothing of our creeping, terrible and ruthless return.” Watch the process … Read more

End of the Night

It was a confusing winter, a fruitless spring, and a long, stifling summer. Somehow we’d lost the old and youthful wildness, free abandon and natural thirst for it, but, in pieces, and stumbling through the seasons of misdirection and blindness we found ourselves eventually here… The dawn of Autumn falls before us this coming day…and … Read more


To cut a very long story short, I’m returning to, And being saved again, by my art. Found before it was sought, It’s what I’m meant to do, And has been here from the start. (September 2021)

New Ground

Created in early 2021, this is where I tried out making my work a bit more ‘painterly’, and moving away from my art being mainly about the line work… But most pieces after this one, in 2021, were created from art I’d already drawn/sketched, so still based on the line work. 2021 was to be … Read more