Back to the heart of the matter

I returned to creating more art in recent times for personal sanity and satisfaction. However, with also trying to make it into a business, the personal fulfilment aspect was being lost. Since my previous Journal entry, over three months ago, things have been changing, for the better, as I find my way to my real … Read more

The meaninglessness of my art

I came upon an article yesterday, suggested to me by the Google news feed thing on my smartphone. Turns out it actually is a smart phone. The article, 4 Victorian Era Artists Who Made “Art for Art’s Sake”, about the Aesthetic Movement, has helped me realise that Art for Art’s sake is what I’ve always … Read more

Hours of Fun for a Fresh Website

website home page

It’s Monday evening, and after having some problems with a WordPress Theme on Friday (the basic software for the structure/design side of a WordPress based website…) I decided to change the Theme and set up a fresh version of this website. I thought I would probably get that finished by Saturday afternoon… But it took … Read more

Symmetry Prints

I had a brainwave yesterday… While working on my piece called ‘Deadly Sins’, which has a couple of symmetrical elements in it, I got the idea suddenly to play with some symmetrical designs that might make good, sellable products as wall prints. Because my main artworks take many hours to create, I wanted something to … Read more

The Sleeping Artist Who Woke Up

The Sleeping Artist Who Woke Up

I’ve had a love for drawing and other art mediums since very young. In my 20s though, I fell out of the habit of drawing, due to life situations and what I now realise was a form of insanity… Drawing had been a natural part of my everyday life – but I lost that. I … Read more