Change is Inevitable

While creating this one, I experimented a bit with digital brush settings, and dug out my old, small Wacom tablet (using the pen on that, while viewing the software, ‘Affinity Designer’ on my desktop – instead of just using a mouse, as I had been doing).

With the better software, which I didn’t have in the past, I saw now how line work etc. can feel like using a real pencil/pen.

So from here on, I decided that I’ll be working a lot more with digital-only, for better overall productivity, and because it does have a lot of benefits over working on paper. Also, my camera software was repeatedly freezing while I tried to film me drawing on paper – and that’s not a problem when work is all digital.

The title of the piece, “Change is Inevitable”, apart from referring to my changing approach to my artwork, refers to how I thought I’d be moving away from line work (which I’d always liked to base pieces on, or have visible), and developing a more painterly style – helped by the infinite options and possibilities provided by software…

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