Princess Lahlah

Circa late 1980s – early 1990s

Imperfection is usually perfection. This is my daughter, Morgan’s favourite piece of mine, which I drew some 30 years ago (as I write this in 2021). I was thinking of enhancing it digitally and ‘correcting’ some of its technical flaws to make a 2021 version of it. However, as Morgan pointed out, it’s perfect as it is. My skills may have improved since I drew this, but there’s no way I could improve upon what was already a completed piece at the time, or the associated feelings and memories.

Medium: Pencil (B) on A2 paper.


The Story of Princess Lahlah

(in my head until writing it out in 2021)

Second daughter of Queen Aoa, of the Meela people, Princess Lahlah was secretly in love with one of the royal coachmen, named Lungyust. It was a pure love. Yet it was a love that could never be acted upon, and worse…Lungyust was in love with Lahlah’s older sister, Oaheen.

Lungyust’s days and nights were tormented by dreams of holding the beautiful, if cruel, Oaheen. Oaheen, sometimes aware of his eyes that dared to watch her, didn’t acknowledge his existence. A coachman could never court a princess.

And Princess Lahlah could never show or admit her love for this man of common family… And if it were possible to allow herself to charm him, she still couldn’t hope to win Lungyust’s heart, enslaved as it was by Oaheen’s cold beauty. She would suffer her love for him in secret. This was her agony.

In the course of time, Oaheen became more aware of Lungyust. They would converse in secret shadows, and her cruel nature softened, until she was unable to deny either his love for her, or that she loved him.

Seasons turned and, finally, when the time came for Oaheen to prepare to wed Prince Motnik, son of Gradigg, of The Metalhearts, she planned to fly away with Lungyust. They would disguise themselves as travellers, with the hope of escaping the planet for the binary system of Samurii-fusu.

Of course, they would have been stopped, or eventually found, and Lungyust would have been slaughtered in the worst ways. Were it not for Lahlah.

Lahlah loved Lungyust so deeply, she wished only for his happiness. She loved her sister too, distantly, who had shared her plans for escape. Lahlah knew she would never see either of them again, yet would help to save them. Lungyust would never love Lahlah, yet her love for him would save him.

Princess Oaheen and Coachman Lungyust did fly away. And to this day, it isn’t known what became of them.

Princess Lahlah’s secrets will be kept forever. And her great losses would harden her for the years she eventually ruled, as ‘The Queen Who Never Cried’.

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