The Sleeping Artist Who Woke Up

I’ve had a love for drawing and other art mediums since very young. In my 20s though, I fell out of the habit of drawing, due to life situations and what I now realise was a form of insanity… Drawing had been a natural part of my everyday life – but I lost that.

I did do some artistic and creative things in the years to come. A lot of that was to do with my work though as a web/graphic designer. Life went on fine. I just took it as a given that I’d passed the stage where I used to draw a lot.

I enjoy being self employed and working from home, but business has never brought a 100% reliable, or very healthy income. I’ve tried a variety of business ideas, none of which lasted or became successful. I’ve spent who-knows-how-much time trying to create an income/lifestyle that will allow me more freedom. In August 2021 I was still doing this – and working a lot, but not earning a lot!

I believe now, that I could have done better with my business objectives if I had been on the right path. That is, following my natural passion for drawing and art… But I’d decided, maybe in my 20s, before the Internet got going, that it was too difficult and unlikely to earn a living from my artworks. So that was my reality – even if opportunities arose, I no doubt didn’t see them.

For a number of years previous to August 2021, I was absorbed more in Eastern philosophy and ways from Buddhism and Taoism. I’d also started drawing and digital painting, but just here and there; not consistently.

Both of these helped it seems in the end, to come to a point of letting all the clutter in my mind fall away to leave me with what ‘I’ truly want, or need for a fulfilled existence. It all became very clear that I should be drawing daily, as I had been when younger.

And now, with knowledge and experiences gained related to online marketing from past work, and investigating the various ways artists make money these days, my business plans took a sharp turn in September 2021.

I began drawing, and setting things up to treat my artworks as a business, it all became very clear that this was the road to fulfilment. I already feel fulfilled (as I wrote in September 2021) and at peace and as happy as I had been in my early 20s – when money was no concern and art was the only thing of importance.

I believe my passion for this will both help me to improve as an artist, and make me a living/career where money isn’t the goal, self-satisfaction and peace of mind are the goals…and I get to do lots of drawing – which has already had a marvellous effect on my mind in general and every other part of life!

As well as all that, I get to produce art that people can enjoy. I hope you like my pieces. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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